Miso Instant Noodle

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  • Item No : 00008799

Rich miso soup is just right for the sweet taste and not greasy. Made from non-fried cooking noodles without chemical additives or preservatives. With rich wild vegetables such as kelp buds, non-GMO tofu, corn.

[Noodles] : Unbleached wheat flour, white yam powder, water, salt. 
( Seasoning Packet) : Miso Sauce (non-GMO soybean, white rice, salt), salt, sugar, sweetened soybean paste (non-GMO soybean, water, salt, liquid sugar, wheat flour, sesame oil, yeast extract, mushroom extract, xanthan gum, star anise), soy oil, sesame oil, yeast extract, ginger, pepper powder,chili powder, tocopherol concentrate mixed(antioxidant). 
[Dehydrated Vegetable Packet] : Cabbage, carrot, seaweed, corn,diced tofu (non-GMO soybean, water, calcium sulfate), celery.

Net Weight: 95g

Shelf Life: 10 months