Agar Fungus Drink 10 Sachet

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Known as vegetarian bird’s nest, the agar fungus drink is a low calorie beverage that gives you high fibre and colloid. Chewy fungus bits and natural sweetness of the red dates will add to your indulgence of this delicious drink.

 Suitable for: Managing excess weight problems, blood sugar & cholesterol levels and ease bowel movement

 Benefits of Agar Fungus Drink

 Weight management and smooth bowel movement

 a) Prevents obesity: rich collagen gives a sense of ‘fullness’ to keep us away from snacking habits.

 b) Lowers risk of thrombosis: colloid and dietary fibre helps reduce clotting and cholesterol. Improves blood circulation and eases digestion.

Shelf Life: 1 year

Net Weight:  16g x 10 sachets